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Here you'll find fairly up to date information about my various projects, which run across a few areas of interest as I love so many forms of creative expression. Please feel free to wander about my life and work.



Last year a run-in with DVT (deep vein thrombosis or blood clot) and then a bad dose of pneumonia necessitating a tricky operation and a month in hospital slowed things down considerably.


Worse was the many months of recovery learning to walk briskly and confidently again and to think straight. Hopefully I’m back on form and the creativity will flow.


First step, the new cover design for the Kindle edition (and revised print version) now available of my novel Death Comes by Amphora. More about those images in my blog Ancient Villainies. The book is also now available in Greek in an edition from Kardamitsa Publications of Athens.

Five Stars
"a truly original and amazing book"
Shelley Glodowski, Midwest Book Review

Four Stars
"a first-rate history/mystery"
M. Wayne Cunningham, Mysterious Reviews

"an excellent book, entertaining and instructive."
Bernard Knight, Tangled Web

"a definite winner...nothing short of amazing"
Sylvia Cochran, Roundtable Reviews

"Roger Hudson is certainly an author to keep your eye on."
Ayo Onatade, Shots

"a corking good detective story...highly enjoyable read!"
Alan Bishop, Criminal-History

"a worthy entrant into the historical mystery genre."
Sara Wilson, Historical Novels Review Online

"a pretty good read with likeable characters"
Rik Shepherd, Eurocrime

Four Stars
"characters compelling, conspiracies well tangled."
Kris Swank, The Sybil & Sleuth

























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